Little soccer star

Last week we had Josh in soccer camp. Because he has never played soccer before, I was worried about how he would like it. I don’t know why I worry about things like that. By the end of the week, he was asking for more. Phew.

I got to take him to camp on Friday because I took the day off. I watched the bigger kids shove him and push him (while I was holding myself back from running onto the field and punching the two clowns), and I saw him visibly upset. But at break time when I asked him how he felt, he said he didn’t feel very good about being pushed by the bigger kids, but he still likes soccer. He dusted himself off and went back to play.

He’s not my little soccer star because he’s good at soccer. He’s my little soccer star because of his attitude.

Soccer-2 Soccer-4 Soccer-6 Soccer

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