Defining my photographic style

Hey everyone, I need your help, please!

I need to define my photographic style. What I am looking for is THREE ADJECTIVES from you, based on your thoughts of some photos below. You can leave a comment here, text me, email me, or comment on Facebook. I’d REALLY appreciate your input!

I have picked some of my favorite personal photos from the last couple of years. I think they reflect how I normally photograph people, and I would really love to be able to describe to others what my “style” is in three words. Obviously for clients I always include shots of more formal portraits with everyone all posed and looking at the camera, but these ones here are what I gravitate towards. Some of these I love because of the lighting and the framing, and some I love because of my own emotional attachment to that moment.

Thank you for your help!! Have a fabulous Thursday!

my favorites-2 my favorites-3 my favorites-5 my favorites-7 my favorites-10 my favorites-11 my favorites-12 my favorites-14


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