I’m alive

That was a record. I didn’t blog for a whole month.

It wasn’t intentional, of course. I mainly blame the lack of time on work. Mid-January to late March is traditionally the busiest time for me at work. This year is no exception.

In the past month, other than work being crazy, I also started walking to work everyday. Well, let me back up a little bit. I got into a competition with a girl at work with our step counters. She is a fierce competitor. To have a chance to win at all, I decided to give up driving and just walk to/from work everyday. Luckily I am only 4.5 kilometres from work, so each way is only about a 45-minute walk. Just walking to/from work gets me at least 13,000 steps a day, exceeding my goal of 10,000 steps a day. Then sometimes I also go for a jog after the kids go to bed. Thanks to the competition, I’ve lost 8 pounds in 6 weeks so far.

In the little spare time between work, walking, and sleeping, I try to spend it all with the kids. While the amazing cherry blossoms were still out in March, I set up the tripod and remote for a few family photos.

Family-2 Family-3 Family


The kids are growing like weeds. Josh has been peddling around the neighbourhood with his bike (with training wheels), and he is all set for kindergarten in September. Savanna is a champ at using the toilet, and she will be going to preschool in September.

I have tried out a couple of new recipes in the last little while. I’ll try and find time to share them here in the next few days.



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