A moment in parenthood

SavThis little monkey has been sick this week. Even the most patient Daddy was starting to lose it with her. I got up with her one morning, and within 5 minutes, I was yelling at her while she screamed and bawled on the floor. Miss CrankyPants is impossible to please when she’s sick. I guess Mrs. CrankyPants also lacks the patience to deal with it all.

Yesterday when I finally managed to put her down for a nap, I sat there looking at her sleep so peacefully. It was a drastic contrast to just minutes before this, when she was screaming and crying and kicking at my face.

As I sat, watching her sleep, I felt so emotional that she’s growing so quickly. I always feel like I haven’t savoured enough of her smallness. How is she not a little baby anymore? When did all this growing happen? How is she already registered for preschool for this fall?

For me, parenthood is so full of contradictions and conflicting emotions. One minute you’re yelling at your sick and whiney 2-year-old, and the next minute you’re crying next to her bed because she’s growing too fast? One day you wish they’d be more independent, and the next day you wish they’d never leave the house. I have never been this busy, this tired, yet this happy before.

Just another moment in being a parent.


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