The “air” series

One of the best things about being on vacation is throwing all common sense out the window. We spend all our energy on playing, and make no effort to be the responsible adults we’re supposed to be. A part of the playing is throwing our kids up in the air, and capturing the mid-air moments on camera.

The first time I did this, I showed Josh the picture and said, “Look how much air you got!” That got him hooked. He kept asking for “more air”. The place we were staying at in Whistler is perfect for this. It had a king size bed that is super soft to land on. With a little speed light mounted on the camera’s hot shoe, we got to work every night.

Jump-1 Jump-1-6 Jump-1-7 Jump-1-8 Jump-1-9 Jump-1-10 Jump-1-11 Jump-1-12 Jump-1-13 Jump-1-14 Jump-1-15 Jump-1-16 Jump-1-17 Jump-1-18 Jump-1-19 Jump-1-20 Jump-1-21 Jump-1-22 Jump-1-23 Jump-1-24 Jump-1-25 Jump-1-26


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