Day 365/365 {the end}

365 days ago, I committed myself to a 365 project–taking one photo a day for the year. Tonight, I pulled out some portable light gear, trying to execute an idea I had involving painter’s tape. Unfortunately, the idea didn’t quite work out with the tired and uncooperative offsprings. We ended up making a mess with painters tape, and Savanna and I chased each other around my light.

At the end, the only image that spoke to me was one that broke all the rules. The subject was not in focus, there was too much negative space in the wrong direction, I shot up her nose, and the background was a mess. But this is exactly what the 365 project is all about. It’s a learning experience. It’s a journey. It’s everything that expresses you and frees you and speaks to you as an artist.

So I shamelessly share this image with you. Thank you for joining me on my journey with me.

Angela Chang Photography Day 365 of 365


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