Day 359/365 {squishies}

Angela Chang Photography Day 359 of 365


We’ve been in potty training mode for exactly a month now. For the first 3 weeks, we were washing poopy underwear everyday. It was not fun. In the past few days, however, Savanna finally made the leap to pooping in the potty. Major victory!

To encourage this awesome new trend, she gets a “squishie” each time she poops in the potty. She loves these little rubbery toys and will play with them for hours. I lined up her three squishies (three poops in the potty in the last 5 days) tonight for a photo, so years later I can remember this bittersweet moment of my little baby growing up.

(And of course, the nerd in me can’t help but point out the creamy bokeh my new lens produces. I think I’m in love.)


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