Day 345/365 {big brother}

Angela Chang Photography Day 345 of 365I don’t know when this happened. Sometime between screaming and snatching toys out of Savanna’s hand when she was 9 months old, to now always quick to volunteer to get whatever she wants for her, Joshua has grown into this sweet little man. We’re potty training Savanna right now. Every time I put her on the potty, she demands I sing songs to her. Joshua always quickly runs and gets the song books from music class so I can sing for Savanna. When Savanna is thirsty, she couldn’t be bothered to get her own water bottle. Joshua always volunteers to bring her her water. The other day while I was washing dishes, I turned around and saw him brushing her hair for her. I almost died with pride.



1 thought on “Day 345/365 {big brother}

  1. That’s because Cliff is such a good male role model and you are an awesome mom!

    Got ur note re potty training. Gonna have to call you at some point

    Farzin Sent from my iPhone. Please excuse typos.


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