Happy 2nd birthday to my girl

Baby girl,

Today, you turned two. That means you have changed our lives for two years. That means you have made me the luckiest person to be your mommy for two years.

In the last year, you started walking. Once you started, nobody can stop you. You love to walk. You never complain when we walk long distance. You prefer to walk on your own without holding our hands.

You also started climbing the play structure at the playground on your own, and coming down the long slide by yourself. You do this over and over and over, and the big smile never diminishes when you’re speeding down the slide.

Your most favorite thing is fruit–all kinds of fruit. I think if we let you, you would just live off of fruit and eat nothing else. Mangos, grapes, apples, bananas, blueberries, strawberries, watermelon are all your favorites.

And you love condiments! Oh my. I’ve never met a baby like you. You scrape jam off your toast with your teeth, you suck the soy sauce off your dumpling, you lick off the ketchup from your fries, and suck the honey off your pancakes, leaving behind mangled food items with no condiments left on it. Kind of funny. Kind of nasty.

This past year, we spent a week in Whistler, two weeks on the Big Island, two weeks in Japan and Taiwan, and a few road trips on the west coast. We also took you camping for the first time this summer. You ate well and slept well enough everywhere we went. You’re already a pro traveler. I can’t wait till you’re older so we can go explore the world some more together.

You demand to use utensils. You randomly sing “happy birthday”. You put your own dirty clothes in the laundry basket. You bring your shoes to me and sit by the door waiting for me to put them on for you. You come by my bed in the morning and chirp, “Mommy, wake up!” You climb on my lap and asks me to sing “Row row row your boat” over and over. You touch my face gently and say “sawrry, forgive you” when you accidentally hurt me. You sleep through the night better than anyone else in this household. Every time we drive by my motorcycle, you always point to it excitedly and say, “Mommy, cycle!”

The joy you bring to my heart is hard to be described with words. You are brave, trusting, curious, tenacious, assertive, affectionate, and funny. You’re not afraid of wearing your heart on your sleeve, or telling me what you really think of something.

I am so grateful to be your mommy. I love holding you, kissing you, tickling you, and wrestling with you. You are so much fun to be with. Thank you for filling my soul with joy. I wish you the happiest birthday and the most adventurous year to come.




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