What does a biker look like?

I get this a lot.

Person X: “What? You ride a motorcycle?”

Me: “Yes.”

Person X: “You don’t look like a biker!”

Then if I asked them what a biker should look like, they look a little guilty and try to take back what they blurted out.

I mean, I am trying not to take this personally. I don’t look completely out of place, right?

So tonight I decided to Google “What does a biker look like?” This is what I found:

Hell Ride

Ok, so, I don’t have chest hair poking out of my vest, and I don’t have any facial hair. According to this picture, right, I don’t look like a biker. They look so badass. I wish I’m so badass!

So I keep looking on Google, and this is what I found next:


Ok, so I don’t have tattoos, and I don’t sit with my bike half naked with a pink hammer. Again, I guess I don’t look like a biker. (By the way, this is an ad for the stool he is sitting on, and I am jealous of the photographer who made this wicked image! So perfectly done!)

Ok, how about some biker girls images? This is what I found:biker_girl_by_platen-d6qp75sWowza, nope, I look nowhere near that. She is so hot. Although I don’t know if I’d ride my bike with a bra and skirt and high heel shoes.

Ok, that was 3 for 3. I don’t look like a biker. Damn. People are right.




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