5 ways that riding a motorcycle is just like living life

Yellow bikesI love riding motorcycles. I love older bikes, newer bikes, smaller bikes, bigger bikes. Some trips are as short of going down the street to meet a friend for coffee, and some are as long as Vancouver to Halifax. Over the years, I have come to realize that riding a motorcycle is very much like living life. Here are some similarities I’ve noticed:

  1. Ride your own style

It’s fun when you get a group of friends together to go on a road trip. But everyone has a different riding style—some like to ride straight through a 12-hour day, some like to stop and smell the flower, some like to ride like they’re racing, and some like to go slow and enjoy the scenery.

If you always ride according to someone else’s style, you will eventually feel resentful. Ultimately, you have to figure out what your style is, regardless of who you are riding with.Bike buddies

  1. Sometimes you have to go alone

If you always have to wait to get a group together to go riding, you’ll miss out on good riding days and you’re leaving your fate in the hands of others. While having company is great, there are days you just have go out alone and have fun on your own.Duffy Lake loop motorcycle ride-6422

  1. It’s the journey

Riding is similar to life in that the destination doesn’t have to be the highlight. The destination is worth celebrating, but sometimes the best part is the road, the experience, and the journey.FZ6

  1. Take a break

Even in the most fast paced and exciting journey, there are stretches where things get a little mundane, or a little tiring. Taking a break is a good thing physically and mentally. Even a quick stop to get off the bike can re-energize a boring or discouraging stretch.Windy road

  1. Look up

The first thing I learned about riding a motorcycle is to fix my eyes on where I want to go, and the bike will follow. If I keep my eyes far ahead on the road, that’s where I will steer. But if I’m looking down on the pavement, I’ll end up crashing and hitting the pavement. So even when things are looking a little hairy, I always tell myself to keep my eyes far ahead and look up.

Cliff riding


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