Day 233/365 {film}

Angela Chang Photography Day 233 of 365

Many years ago, my dad bought this Nikon FE camera to take pictures of me when I was 2 or 3 years old. It sat in a closet for many years when my dad was just too busy with work. When we moved to Canada 22 years ago, I brought the camera with me. It went with me to my first photography class put on by the Vancouver school board night school. It also went through as many rolls of film as I could afford to develop as a student, all while I dreamed of being a “real photographer” one day.

When I started taking more photography classes 8 years ago, I went the digital route. Through the last 8 years, I’ve gone through 5 different digital cameras, finally landing at my current Canon 6D today. While I’ve bought and sold a number of cameras and lenses, this is Nikon FE is one I’ve held onto with dear life because of the sentimental value.

I’m in a experimenting mood lately with a gazillion personal project ideas. So I went and bought a few rolls of film and fresh batteries, and I’ve decided to shoot a few rolls with this camera. More than 3 decades ago, my dad looked through the viewfinder to take pictures of my brother and I. Now I’m going to look through the same viewfinder to take pictures of my babies. I can’t wait to wake the kids up tomorrow morning and shoot them in the morning light!


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