1 bee sting + 9 hours + 595 kilometers = Duffy Lake loop

I used to ride the Duffy Lake loop with a friend often, but the last time we did that was at least 9 years ago. You start in Vancouver, head up to Whistler, continue further northeast to Lillooet, turn down southeast to Lynton, through Hope, and back to Vancouver. It takes all day to ride this loop, but it’s one of the best motorcycle roads in the province!

I was nervous about riding this loop by myself after such a long absence from riding. I didn’t tell anyone where I was going, just in case I changed my mind when I get to Whistler, I can still turn back and save face.

As it turned out, the day was great. The weather was perfect. I left Vancouver at 6:30 am, and watched the sun come up while riding up to Squamish. The coast is freaking gorgeous! A bee hit my knee while I was riding at speed, and gave me a sting through my jeans. Lovely.

The Duffy Lake road (that I remembered) was full of tar strips and potholes, but the province must have re-paved it at some point, because it was buttery smooth like a baby butt. Oh, it just made my heart sing.

It was about noon when I reached Lyntton. I found a shaded bench on the street to sit and eat my lunch. I shared the bench with Derrick who worked at the town’s museum. He gave me a lesson on the history of Lyntton. This is what I love about riding and traveling. I get to meet the most interesting people from everywhere!

Riding through the Fraser Canyon is probably one of my all-time favorite things to do in the world. 37 degrees Celsius was just a bit warm. Still, I am not complaining. Pairing curvy roads and the sun together is the ultimate high when it comes to riding.

The bike performed flawlessly. I wish I was brave enough to go a little faster. I’m obviously under-utilizing the bike’s capabilities, but I’m old and chicken-shit.

And who could resist getting a photo of the sign, “Jackass Mtn Summit”?

Duffy Lake loop motorcycle ride-6422 Duffy Lake loop motorcycle ride-6425 Duffy Lake loop motorcycle ride-6428 Duffy Lake loop motorcycle ride-6435 Duffy Lake loop motorcycle ride-6438 Duffy Lake loop motorcycle ride-6443 Duffy Lake loop motorcycle ride-6444 Duffy Lake loop motorcycle ride-6452


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