Day 214/365 {the faces of cottonwood}

Angela Chang Photography Day 214 of 365

I was out hunting for something beautiful to photograph tonight, and came to a part of the town that I rarely visit–Strathcona Park on Prior Street. I was meandering through the community garden when I came upon Mariah and Kimberly, and I knew I have found my beautiful subjects for the night.

The Cottonwood community garden takes up the southeast end of the park. It is a well maintained community garden that has been in the news for the last couple of years, because the City of Vancouver wants to bulldoze right over it in order to build a new 8-lane road to connect to the Georgia viaduct. I’ve heard this controversial news a number of times, but never really understood the reasons behind it. I mean, if we build a new 8-lane road just to feed into the narrow Dunsmuir Street (thanks to the bike lanes), what’s the point? How does that solve any traffic problem?

I asked Mariah and Kimberly about the topic, and they connected the dots for me. By dropping the viaduct, Concord Pacific can then build six new towers on the empty land they’ve been holding for many years. Cha-ching! Now it all makes sense.

These ladies are very passionate about preserving the community garden and green space. They were there working on maintaining the garden, not getting paid a penny for the blood sweat and tears they put into the place. When I meet people like this, I am always filled with inspiration!


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