Day 151/365 {hello}

Angela Chang Photography Day 151 of 365

For the last 8 months, we had this really awesome babysitter named Rachel. She would come to our house once a week for a few hours, so I could go run errands. Once I returned to work, she continued to come help with the kids so that Cliff can go run errands. The kids just totally adore her.

Rachel’s school year is over, and she went back home to another province for the summer. So after seeing her every week for 8 months, Josh is going through withdrawal. Everyday, he tells me he needs to call Rachel. He would use his toy phone to call her and tell her he really misses her. It breaks my heart a little bit. Today we actually called her (on a real phone) and left her a message.

Hey Rachel, if you’re reading this, we really miss you. We hope you are having a great summer, and look forward to seeing you again in the fall.


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