Day 141/365 {juice cleanse fail}

Angela Chang Photography Day 141 of 365

So I thought I’d try a 3-day juice cleanse. Crazy right?

This you see in the photo is the “red juice”. Beets, apples, carrots, etc. It tastes great.

So, after 2 days, I gave up. The interesting thing is, I was never hungry on this cleanse. I had to drink 6 juices and a almond milk everyday, so I never had time to get hungry. What drove me insane is not eating any solid food. I was literally sitting at my desk at work and feeling like I’m going completely mental. So at the end of Day 2, I said screw it, and ate a big giant salad before going to bed.

I think it was a good experience, but I don’t think I would ever do it again. I wouldn’t mind substituting 1, or maybe even 2 meals a day with the juices, but I mentally cannot handle not eating any solid food all day.


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