Day 140/365 {crutch}


It begs the question, did anyone go home and not realize they’ve lost their crutch? I would think if you’re walking around with a crutch, it’s kind of important to go home with it.

On a sort of unrelated tangent, when I broke my ankle in grade 11, I had to walk around with crutches for 6 weeks. It had just snowed, and my school was 4 1/2 blocks away from the house. It’s not a huge distance to go on a warm and sunny day, but walking in the snow with crutches was a total b*tch! Then the worst part was once I got into the school, the hallways were wet from melted snow. The rubber tips on the crutches have no grip on wet vinyl floor. I have fallen so many times with crutches flying half way down the hall. It’s amazing how many kids would just stand there and laugh while I hopped to fetch my crutches. I can’t say I miss high school.

Angela Chang Photography Day 140 of 365

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