Day 113/365 {baby bear}

Angela Chang Photography Day 113 of 365

Joshua is still totally in love with Baby Bear. If you don’t know the story, this bear was a gift from Cliff to me many years ago. It sat on our headboard for the longest time. When Joshua was two, he discovered this bear, and he claimed it as his own. He referred to her as Baby Bear.

He treats Baby Bear like his own baby, mirroring what I would do with Savanna. He nursed Baby Bear, he taught her to walk, he fed her, he put her down for naps, he gave her baths, changed her diapers, and took her out for walks. Last week he even shushed me because, apparently, Baby Bear was taking a nap and I was talking too loud. He has also taken Baby Bear to preschool for show-and-tell at least twice.


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