Day 13/365 {christmas morning}

On Christmas morning, Savanna woke up just after 6 am.  I stumbled into her room with my eyes half closed, brought her to the living room, and sat on the couch to nurse her without turning the lights on.  Joshua was still asleep.  It was pitch dark outside.  At 6:20 am, the timer for the Christmas tree lights clicked, and 6 strands of lights came on all at once.

Savanna fell back asleep while nursing.  I enjoyed a quiet cuddle with her.  Slowly, her eyes fluttered, and she woke up.  She looked up at the tree and pointed to it.  I put her down on the floor, and she made her way to the pile of presents.  I hurried to get my camera, and came back just in time to catch her admiring the tree.

Angela Chang Photography Day 13 of 365


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