Recent funnies


I was sitting on the couch playing with Joshua one day.  He said he wanted to go get some books for us to read.  I said ok.  I was more than happy to just sit and do nothing.

As he walked away to get books, he looked back at me and said, “You stay there.”

I said, “Ok.”

He took a couple of steps, looked back, and said, “Don’t move.”

I said, “Ok!”

He took a few more steps, and looked back again, and said with a serious tone, “Do you understand what I said?”


Joshua: “Daddy, I don’t have a tail.”

Cliff: “No, only Sam has a tail.”

Joshua: “I don’t want a tail.”

Cliff: “How come?”

Joshua: “I don’t want something in my butt.”


Joshua: “Mommy, you call Daddy ‘babe’?”

Me: “Yes.  You call him Daddy, and I call him babe.”

Joshua: “Can I call Daddy ‘babe’?”

Me: “Nah, you call him Daddy.  He’s my babe.  You have to find your own ‘babe’ one day.”

Joshua: “I will call you ‘babe’.”


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