Elf on the shelf, Part I

For my friends who are not on Facebook (you know who you are, Itti), you have not seen all the stuff that our elf has been up to for the month of December.  So I’m posting them here for you.

The elf is supposed to sit on a shelf, watch the kids, and report the kids’ behavior to Santa.  In our case, we just tell Joshua that the elf is here to hang out for the month of December, and it gets into things at night.  Every night we put the elf into position, and Joshua gets to look for him in the morning.  So far it has been lots of fun.  We might make this an annual tradition.

Dec 1-7013 Dec 2-7018 Dec 3-7106 Dec 4-2 Dec 5-2 Dec 6-2 Dec 7-7149 Dec 8-7152 Dec 9-7192


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