Baby girl’s birthday

For Savanna’s birthday, Cliff made her French toast with whipped cream and blackberries for breakfast.  Then we went out for pho for lunch.  For dinner, I made her favorite food: osso buco.  We ended the evening with a cake smash that wasn’t as messy as I was hoping for.

I spent the entire past year in complete contradiction: wishing she would grow faster and bigger so we can do more things together, and dreading how fast she was growing out of her infant stage and out of my arms.  For me, today was a day I slowed down and savoured this contradiction.  I guess this is parenthood.  This is the way things will always be for as long as I am her mother.  I will always feel that she’s growing too slow and too fast all at the same time.

Sav birthday-2-2 Sav birthday-2-3 Sav birthday-2-4 Sav birthday-2 Sav birthday-4203 Sav birthday-4258 Sav birthday-4283 Sav birthday-4294 Sav birthday-4310


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