The itchy ruffles

I spent all night last night writing my previous post, and getting myself psyched up about my son wearing a princess dress for Halloween.  I prepared myself mentally.  If Joshua chooses to wear the dress, so be it.  I am going to stand next to him, look every mom in the eye, and proudly say that my handsome little man wants to wear a dress.

Half an hour before we headed out to the Spook Fest, I put out his choices–the monkey suit, or the princess dress–and asked Joshua, “Which one do you want to wear?”

Without much of a pause, he said, “The monkey.”

Wait, what?

“The monkey.”

“Are you sure?  I thought you wanted to be a princess!”

“Um, I want the monkey.”

“Uh, ok.  But are you sure???”  I was starting to sound a little desperate.  Come on, I was all ready to be the mom who lets her son wear a dress!

Joshua was done with my questions.  He wanted the monkey suit.  Damned kiddo, sending me on an emotional roller coaster.

I put Joshua in the monkey suit, put Savanna in her cow costume, and put both kids in the stroller and we headed out.  We went to the event, saw a ton of his preschool friends, neighborhood kids, and their parents.  It was a fun event with cookie decorating, bouncy castle, crafts and activities.

On our way home, I asked Joshua, “Why didn’t you want to wear the princess dress?  You looked so cute in it.”

Joshua said, “Um, coz it’s itchy.”

It turned out that the ruffles on the dress bothers his neck, his wrists, and his legs.  This guy is a creature of comfort…just like his mama.  He’ll probably wear his PJs all day if he could.

After dinner tonight, I proposed that we all get dressed up and go play at the park for a bit.  I suggested to Joshua he could wear something underneath the dress to prevent the itchiness.  He was then very willing to put on the dress.

We played at the park for about half an hour.  It was after dinner and getting a bit chilli, so there were very few kids there.  Nobody said anything.  All the adults who walked by looked at Joshua and Savanna and smiled.

Well, that was that.  He was a monkey this morning, and a princess this evening.  Looking back, I am not so sure why it was such a big deal in my head about the princess thing.  I am constantly learning how to be a mom.  This has been one big lesson for me to allow my child to make his own choices, and stand by him no matter what.

kids-2993 Savanna-3034Joshua-3017Savanna-3090 Joshua-3072



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