The potty training anniversary

Last year during Thanksgiving weekend, we locked ourselves up at home, rolled up our rug, and potty trained Joshua for 3 days straight.  I was in the late stages of being pregnant with Savanna, and we wanted Joshua to get the hang of using the potty before she arrived.

Now looking back at this past year, there was much cleaning poop off all sorts of interesting surfaces, wiping up pee, and doing many loads of extra laundry.  I am soooo glad the training stage is over, and Joshua is a potty pro.  He has also recently decided that he won’t be using the potty seat or the potty chair anymore, which makes traveling so much easier!

Having a potty trained toddler is great on so many levels.  Not changing diapers or carrying a diaper bag for him is certainly a plus.  I think mostly I love the fact that he is proud to have the independence to use the potty at his will.

Here is a series of pictures of Joshua showing me his dance moves, after coming out of the bathroom at the Woodland Park Zoo.

Joshua-1233 Joshua-1234 Joshua-1235


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