There is no hiding of the fact that I just love newborn babies.  Tyler totally stole my heart last week with his handsome good looks and the curled up sleepiness.  I showed up at their door when Tyler was just 6 days old.  He was curled up against Mom, and I couldn’t help but notice his full head of hair that looked like it had been styled with gel.

Ty slept through almost the entire photo shoot, providing me lots of opportunities to pose him in all sorts of super cute positions.  Every time I moved him, he gave me a little gentle grunt, and fell right back asleep.  He was a dream!  I would have starred at his gorgeous face all day long if I could.

Ty’s big brother, Nate, is such a cutie.  He held Ty in his arms for a great shot!

Angela Chang Photography-6246 Angela Chang Photography-6289 Angela Chang Photography-6317 Angela Chang Photography-6326


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