Most parents are on top of things enough to get their kids registered for preschool.  Ahem, not me.  By the time I realized registration started months before I woke up to the fact that Joshua will be old enough for preschool this fall, it was too late.  We’re #20 on the wait list.

I went to check on the wait list status a few days ago, and was informed that we have no hope to get him in this fall.  “HOWEVER!!”, the lady at the counter said enthusiastically, there is space left in the afternoon sessions.

Afternoon sessions?  Who the hell does that?  Don’t kids need to nap in the afternoon?

After much deliberation with Cliff last night, we decided to “give it a whirl”, like my BFF likes to say.  So what if he misses a few afternoon naps a week?  He’ll just be more cranky than usual, but it’s not like I don’t have those days with him anyway.  

Joshua was quite excited about “going to school” once I showed him the classroom full of toys and art supplies.  Personally, I was so excited for him and feeling so sentimental and so worried all at the same time.  My baby, my tiny little baby, my firstborn, is going to SCHOOL!  He is going to start making friends I don’t necessarily approve of, and learn things I didn’t teach him.  He will be out of my sight for 2 hours, twice a week, where I cannot protect him from pushy kids or shield him from the big bad world.  I can feel like I need some major letting go, and it’s hard as hell.

Today was the gradual entry, so it was only an hour at the school.  I dropped him off and left the room, and waited outside for the hour.  I heard him cry at snack time, and I was just dying to know what was happening.  But after the agonizing hour was over, I saw him waiting for me, full of smiles.  He came running out, telling me that he’s a big boy who goes to school.  I was so proud and so relieved.  We went to the playground with his new friends, and he crashed in the stroller on the way home.

Yeah, I know it was only an hour, and I know it was just preschool.  But for me, today will always be the first day my baby went to school.

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