Sayounara, Fenu (Good-bye, Boat)

When we bought our boat 3 years ago, we named it “Fenu”, which literally means “boat” in Japanese.  And today we said good-bye to Fenu as she goes to a new home.

I have really enjoyed the little boat.  It was sad for me to see her being towed away by the new owner.  I asked myself why I would miss the boat.  Partly it’s because I love being on the water.  While the motor is running, the wind blowing through your hair, and you steer the little craft to cut through water, it’s so…freeing.

But the biggest reason for missing the boat is because of how much Joshua enjoyed it.  Since the first minute he got in the boat, he loved it.  He was only 18 months old back then.  When the boat bounced over the waves, he giggled and bounced up and down on his knees.  While I steered the boat, he sat on the bow seat playing peek-a-boo with me and smiled the sweetest smiles at me.  He insisted on steering the boat.  He fell asleep in my arms numerous times.  He loved launching and loading the boat with me.  Nothing made me happier than seeing my son so happy.  I will never forget how much I laughed with him on that little boat.

We partly sold the boat for financial reasons, and partly because it’s difficult to do the launching and maintenance with a baby strapped to me.  Maybe one day when the kids are a little bit older and we have a place to store it ourselves, we would get another one.

Thank you, Fenu.  It has been a slice!

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