Because I say so

Joshua is asking more questions than ever.  He doesn’t say “why?”, but he always asks “what’s it for?” or “what’s it gonna do?”, which is really the same as “why?”

Me: “Joshua, take your foot off the dinner table, please.”

Joshua: “What’s my foot gonna do?”

Me: “I don’t want to eat my lunch next to your stinky foot.”

Joshua: “What’s my stinky foot gonna do?”

Me: “Nothing.  It’s just rude to have your foot on the dinner table.”

Joshua: “What’s rude gonna do?”

Me: “Just put your foot down, please.”

Joshua: “What’s my foot gonna do?”

Everything inside of me screams, “BECAUSE I SAY SO!!!”  I don’t know how to answer all his questions, and these questions never seem to end.  Today I finally said he needs to hold all his questions until after lunch, but 10 seconds later he started asking questions again.  “What are you feeding mei-mei?  What does mei-mei eat lunch for?  What is she hungry for?  Where is the yam?  Can I see the yam?  What are you feeding her yam for?”

Today was just one of those days.  Sigh.



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