Yogi Lou

Lou’s lovely family was one of the very first ones I photographed when I was just starting out with photography.  She is one of those multi-talented woman who does fashion design, teaches yoga, make clothes and toys for her kids, cook amazing looking vegan meals, teaches parenting classes, design websites and logos, teaches infant massage…I must be forgetting something.  When Joshua was 2 months old, we hired Lou to teach us infant massage.  More important than the massage, she taught us how to respect our child, listen to him, and allow his voice to be heard.

We had a yoga photo session this past weekend, which was a lot of fun for me.  Lou got into various poses for me to photograph.  She just oozes with calmness.  At the end of our session, I felt very relaxed.  She has that effect on people.

Here are some of my favorite photos from our session.

Angela Chang Photography Lou-5240 Angela Chang Photography Lou-5255 Angela Chang Photography Lou-5304 Angela Chang Photography Lou-5332 Angela Chang Photography Lou-5340 Angela Chang Photography Lou-5376


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