Water park fun

At the farmer’s market this morning, we ran into Mrs. Chumsley over at The Chumsleys.  She was taking Miles to the water park by the community centre.  It occurred to me then that I have never taken Joshua to the water park.

Being a super hot summer day today, I rectified the situation by dragging the family to the water park for the first time this afternoon.  Joshua doesn’t like showers, so I was worried he would hate the water park with the water being sprayed down on him.  But it only took him about 48 seconds to warm up to the spraying water, and he had a blast.  He ran back and forth in the shallow pool, and ran through the spraying water numerous times.  He didn’t want to go home.

I bought Savanna a bathing suit over a month ago, but haven’t managed to take her swimming.  Even though she wasn’t going to play with the water today, I put her in the suit anyway because the occasion was right and I thought she would look really cute.

Joshua-4704 Joshua-4720 Savanna-4688 Savanna-4723




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