Pictures from Asia: Part 3, Street Photos

The last instalment of the pictures from Asia is the street photos.  These are just things I found interesting.  Some require a bit of explanation, and some don’t.

These below are pictures from Button Street, an area in Taipei where can find all sorts of buttons, ribbons, fabrics, zippers, yarn, etc:

Taiwan Street-3876 Taiwan Street-3874 Taiwan Street-3870 Taiwan Street-3867 Taiwan Street-3863 Taiwan Street-3861 Taiwan Street-3858 Taiwan Street-3855 Taiwan Street-3854 Taiwan Street-3853 Taiwan Street-3850 Taiwan Street-3848 Taiwan Street-3846 Taiwan Street-3165 Taiwan Street-3168 Taiwan Street-3170 Taiwan Street-3171

These are pictures from the night market we went to for late evening snack:

Taiwan Street-3984 Taiwan Street-3981 Taiwan Street-3978 Taiwan Street-3975 Taiwan Street-3971 Taiwan Street-3970


The pictures below are from a paper museum and paper store.  They have all sorts of handmade papers, and even a facility where you can try your hand at making your own handmade paper:

Taiwan Street-4068 Taiwan Street-4063 Taiwan Street-4062 Taiwan Street-4058 Taiwan Street-4050 Taiwan Street-4046 Taiwan Street-4044 Taiwan Street-4042 Taiwan Street-4030 Taiwan Street-4029 Taiwan Street-4028 Taiwan Street-4027 Taiwan Street-4024


A few pictures from a Lego store we visited:

Taiwan Street-3548 Taiwan Street-3545 Taiwan Street-3535 Taiwan Street-3526


Near my parents’ house, there is a foot bath pool.  The water is drawn from the natural hot spring in the area.  It’s free and open to the public.  The water is quite hot, apparently with healing properties from the minerals.  My mom said in the winter the pool gets very busy because a hot soak is more desirable in the winter.

Taiwan Street-3413 Taiwan Street-3408 Taiwan Street-3399 Taiwan Street-3392 Taiwan Street-3385 Taiwan Street-3376 Taiwan Street-3374



Here are some miscellaneous random pictures from Taiwan:

Taiwan Street-3218 Taiwan Street-3367 Taiwan Street-3361 Taiwan Street-3418 Taiwan Street-3420 Taiwan Street-3424 Taiwan Street-3431 Taiwan Street-3444 Taiwan Street-3452 Taiwan Street-3462 Taiwan Street-3509 Taiwan Street-3511 Taiwan Street-3559 Taiwan Street-3567 Taiwan Street-3568 Taiwan Street-3793 Taiwan Street-3840 Taiwan Street-4020 Taiwan Street-4055



I did tell you I had a lot of pictures, right?  Alright, here are some pictures from the Dragon Boat Carnival and Beer Fest in Hong Kong:

Taiwan Street-4284 Taiwan Street-4281 Taiwan Street-4271 Taiwan Street-4267 Taiwan Street-4263



Lastly, some “others” pictures from Hong Kong:

Taiwan Street-4372 Taiwan Street-4324 Taiwan Street-4320 Taiwan Street-4317 Taiwan Street-4316 Taiwan Street-4309 Taiwan Street-4305 Taiwan Street-4222 Taiwan Street-4224 Taiwan Street-4221 Taiwan Street-4209 Taiwan Street-4205 Taiwan Street-4200 Taiwan Street-4135 Taiwan Street-4132



If you remember, after my trip to Asia last year, I only posted 3 pictures because I am really afraid of looking at people’s “I’ve been here” vacation pictures.  This year, I said, screw it, and subjected you to so many of my vacation pictures.  If you’re not from Taiwan or HK, I hope you saw something interesting.  If you are from one of those places…dude, I feel very bad for you!



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