Baby Katelyn

I can’t hide the fact that I just L.O.V.E. newborn babies.  It always gets me so excited to hold one in my arms.  I love the sweet smell of a newborn baby, the sleepiness, the curliness, the tightly clenched fists, even the flaky skin.

This week I was so fortunate to photograph Katelyn.  She was just 6 days old.  Doesn’t she have just the sweetest face!

Kate-2-2 Kate-2 Kate-0862



1 thought on “Baby Katelyn

  1. it’s amazing all the dnffereit styles of blogging out there. but i am with you. there are some people who are unbelievably negative all the time. there is just nothing at all appealing about that.btw, nice new design. very bright & Springy.

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