GQ boy and his mom

I met Aimee at the community baby group when our sons were both actually babies. Aimee has this uncanny ability to put on a big spread of everything-homemade-from-scratch while carrying on multiple conversations and not break a sweat. Last weekend I met up with Aimee and her son for their make-up mini session. It was a rainy day, but Aimee and Baron decided to brave the rain. We were rewarded with this beautiful soft light for the morning.

Aimee dressed Baron is this super cute spring outfit for their session, and I had to refrained myself from taking a bite of his apple cheeks. I shared a picture of Baron on my Facebook page, and commented that if there’s a Toddler GQ magazine, this little boy would take the cover. Since then, my friends who have not met Baron refer to him as “GQ Boy”.

Aimee (18 of 26) Aimee (22 of 26)


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