Update on Savanna

Savanna is a week away from being 6 months old.  It just kills me that she’s growing so fast.  Time is certainly not on my side here.  Sometimes I feel like I’m so busy trying to get one more load of laundry in the wash, or put away one more pile of scattered toys, that by the time I take a breath to look at my little girl, she has already grown some more again.

I started giving her a little bit of solid food this week.  She had butternut squash first, and broke out in hives.  I gave her some carrots and she seemed to like them.  Tonight she tried avocado and quite enjoyed it.

She’s not the best at taking naps during the day, but thankfully she sleeps enough at night and only wakes up to feed once.  She loves sucking on her fingers, or blankets, or her clothes.

She likes to be held.  She doesn’t last more than a couple of minutes in the exersaucer or the bouncy chair or the Bumbo seat.  She would, however, put up with the jolly jumper for a good while.  If I had her in the Ergo carrier, she’d last all day in there.

Do you remember that before she was born, I was all panicking about how I can love another kid as much as I love Joshua?  That worry was all gone when I first met her.  Loving Savanna is as natural as smiling when I am happy.



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