Sweating over term project

Next week is my last Street Photography class, when we have to present our term project. After shooting over 1,000 photos of the streets of Vancouver, I am at a loss of what to present.

We need to pull together 6 to 8 photos representing “Vancouver, here and now”.  There has to be some sort of thread, or theme, to the photos.  They have to make a series, or a story.  We are required to have these photos printed, and present them to the whole class.

The last time I sweated over a term project was probably over a decade ago when I was still in school.  Oh school.  I remember school.  First it was Langara, then it was SFU.  One time I had to write a term paper on some kind of economic theory, and I started on it so late that I cried the whole time writing it.  I had no idea what I was doing, and didn’t have enough research material to put it together.  I starred at the blank pages for hours and hours, hoping things will just magically come together.

I kind of feel this way right now, looking at my photos blankly, hoping some amazing series will magically come together.

Ha, nothing like some panic over a term project to make me feel young again!



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