A little older

Today I got a little older.

To celebrate my birthday, Cliff kindly let me go back to sleep after I nursed Savanna around 8 this morning.  I asked him to wake me up in half an hour, and he didn’t.  It wasn’t till almost 11 am when I finally woke up, totally confused from that sweet, deep sleep.  Oh, sleep…delicious and elusive sleep.  THAT was the best birthday present ever!

Cliff then made me this totally kick butt Japanese meal (chirashi don) with all the stuff I like on it.  After Joshua’s afternoon nap, we went to Deep Cove and had a Honey’s donut.  It’s only the best donut in the city.

It was an ordinary day we spent together, but just looking at my family makes me feel so grateful for what I’ve been given.

Joshua-0103 Savanna-0086


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