How did this happen?

I don’t remember giving this kid permission to grow so fast.  Yet, she went ahead with it anyway.  All of a sudden, she’s 5 months old.  I felt like I got robbed of time somehow.  Wasn’t it just yesterday she was a soft little bundle in my arms, with the wrinkles and puffiness of a newborn baby?  How is it that today she’s big and heavy and lifting her head up like it’s no big deal?

Before Savanna arrived, I remember wondering how I could love another human being as much as I love Joshua.  Well, in retrospect, that was kind of a dumb thing to worry about.  The moment I laid my eyes on her, my heart expanded its capacity to love.  She instantly became my focus, my light, and my inspiration.  Life is never the same again, and I am so grateful for the way she has changed it.



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