It’s not a secret that I love newborn babies. I admire their brand new presence in this world, and love their sweet smell and tightly clenched fists. I love their little toes and even the dried up dark cord sticking out of their belly buttons. Newborn babies are only “newborns” for a very short period of time. At this stage, they grow and change almost on a daily basis. It’s important to capture their “new-ness” so that it is never forgotten.

A while back I got to photograph Tim and Marie’s maternity session. Those two are troopers, having a lot of fun despite the freezing cold and rain during our shoot. This week I had the privilege of shooting their newborn baby–Sebastien. Sebastien has the sweetest face. He was awake through most of the shoot, and he smiled a lot.  I was so in love with that baby, I would have totally kept him if Tim and Marie didn’t insist on taking him home. Ha!



5 thoughts on “Sebastien

  1. Thanks soooooooooo much for the photo shoot. The pictures are great!!!! You have a great eye to take incredible shots. We look forward to seeing the rest of the pictures. thank you again.

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