Sharing milk

Burnaby-20130330-00025It has been an amazing journey with breastfeeding Savanna.  We started off with me crying like a mad woman in the hospital because I wasn’t producing any, progressed to breastfeeding and supplementing with formula for 3 months, and then eventually Savanna decided she no longer needed to be supplemented.  She has been exclusively breastfed for the last 2 months.  Oh, the freedom from bottles is so sweet!

Not only that, she has been sleeping longer at night.  We put her down around 7 or 7:30 pm, and she wakes up around 3 am to feed.  Before I go to bed (usually around midnight), I would pump out the milk that has been accumulating since 7 pm.  I freeze the milk, thinking that we might need it one day.  But our use of the frozen milk is very limited, because even though Savanna will drink it from a cup, she doesn’t drink very much from it.  She just really prefers the boob, and would rather wait for me to get home.  I had about a litre of frozen milk just accumulating in our freezer.

I didn’t want the milk to go to waste, so I talked to a friend who could use it.  A few nights ago, I delivered the little bags of frozen milk in a cooler bag to her.  I snapped a picture of the cooler bag content, and I’m saving the photo for Savanna.  I want her to know one day that she was sharing at a very young age.

p.s. I struggled a bit on whether I should have written this post.  Sharing breast milk may sound weird to you.  The first time I heard of donor breast milk I was weirded out too.  But I think if you are in good health, free of diseases and infections, why not donate extra milk to others who can use it?


1 thought on “Sharing milk

  1. I think it’s great! Since Miles wouldn’t take a bottle (EVER), I also ended up with a big stockpile of milk in the freezer and did a private donation. I never thought about taking a photo though, and now I wish I had. You’re so good at capturing moments!

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