My happiness

Since a week ago of “coming out” with my photography venture, life has just been busy, in a good way.  I had a session with some really fun kids on the weekend, and then it was editing and getting the files prepared for print.  Today I had the appointment at the pro lab to get custom prints done from the session, and I also spent some time at a custom framing shop just learning the framing options.  I’ve been watching some photography seminars on-line every night, getting totally inspired and challenged.  I am also planning a photo session marathon day in April, which I am working on and will announce within the next week.

I have a few more weeks left in the Street Photography class, and I am very behind in getting my term project together.  In order to maximize my chance of getting the shots I need, I take my camera with me everywhere.  That includes when I go get groceries or take Sam for a walk around the neighborhood.

So all in all, it feels like I have a camera attached to my hip, and I’m living and breathing photography.  It feels AWESOME.

I’m posting a few images from the session on the weekend here, for the benefit of my friends who are not on Facebook.  (Yes, people like Itti who refuse to get on Facebook do exist.)

Lizs babies-8240 Lizs babies-8357 Lizs babies-8590


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