Mommy, will you play with me?


In the last couple of weeks, Joshua’s speech has evolved to the stage of asking questions.  He used to say, “Mommy, play?” to ask me to play with him.  Now he would say, “Mommy, will you play with me?”

He asks me this question about 10 times a day, usually when I’m cooking or cleaning or in the middle of nursing Savanna.  I often have to say “no” or “later”, but then later I would forget that I had said I would play with him.  Yesterday he asked me again, “Mommy, will you play with me?” in a pleading tone that just tugged on my heart string.  I was doing some dishes, and I caught myself just about to say “later” again.  I paused.

What went through my mind was I really wanted to get those dishes done.  Then I just had to throw in a load of laundry.  Then I just need to quickly vacuum the rug.  Then I just really need to take a quick shower.  Then I just had to cut up some onions to prepare for the stew I am making.  Then blah…blah…blah.  Then before I know it, Joshua would be too old to want to play with me.

When do little boys stop asking their moms to play with them?  I don’t know and I hope I’ll never find out.


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