My daughter’s hand

I love holding Savanna’s little hand.  She has chubby fingers and there’s barely a wrist.  The skin on her hands are smooth and taut.  If I place one of my fingers in her palm, she’ll wrap her fingers around mine and hold on tight.  I love rubbing the back of her hand, where there is so much fat that it looks like a little hill.

Too bad that the camera doesn’t capture how it feels for me to hold her hand–all the love I have multiplies and spills over out of my heart.

Savanna-6543 Savanna-6551 Savanna-6625


1 thought on “My daughter’s hand

  1. Ahh, Soooo sweet! I love the name you chose. I visited Savannah Georgia and Charleston SC in October after attending a NACADA Conference in Nashville and absolutely loved the ‘low country’. Savannah and Savanna are both great names. Congrats Angela!

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