Pork and poblano stew, now with pictures

A while back I posted a recipe for a pork and poblano stew.  I have since then made the stew at least 4 or 5 times this winter, and it has always been well received by our friends and family.  It has become our go-to dish when the weather is lousy and we feel like something hearty and flavorful.

I made it again this week, and finally took some pictures of the charred peppers and the stew.

Try it!  If you like spicy and hearty soups/stews, you’ll love this dish!

Note: Cliff generally asks the butcher for the “pork shoulder”, which is a leaner cut of the pork shoulder.  I went to a different butcher this time and he gave me “pork butt roast” (i.e. Boston butt) and it was amazing.  The butt roast is the portion of the shoulder that is more marbled, and I think it is just better than the leaner cut of pork shoulder.

food-5892 food-5899


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