How to get some privacy

Joshua isn’t terrified of loud noises, but he doesn’t really enjoy them.  I always warn him before I turn on our blender or my hair dryer so he doesn’t get startled.

I was in the shower tonight when Joshua came barging into the bathroom.

Joshua: Mommy?

Me: Yes?

Joshua: Are you taking a shower?

Me: Yes.

Joshua: Mommy, would you like some privacy? [It kills me that he asks me that after barging in!]

Me: Haha, oh yes I would!

Joshua: blah blah blah blah blah…he goes on to ask me 20 questions about if I could come out and play with him, am I done yet, if he can go pee on the potty, if Savanna is going to take a shower, if he is getting a bath or a shower…

Joshua: Mommy, are you going to dry your hair?

Me: Yes.

Joshua: Is it going to be loud?

Me: The hair dryer?  Yes, a little bit.

Joshua: Bye-bye, Mommy!

I think from now on, every time I go to the bathroom I am going to turn on the hair dryer.  Maybe that’ll buy me some privacy.



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