My kids aren’t always monsters

Today was one of those unreal days where everything was easy.  Joshua started the morning with helping himself to the potty before Cliff or I even woke up.  By the time I heard him, he had already taken off his own pants and underwear and peed in the potty.  Savanna slept till 8 am.  Cliff went to work and the rest of us went and played at the park behind us and had a good time.  We bought some dog treats and bird seeds.  We watched an excavator dig up dirt.  We had lunch.  And get this, both kids went down for naps without fussing or crying or potty accidents!  Even I got a short nap in!  The afternoon was calm and peaceful with no temper tantrums or whining.  Joshua had a decent amount of food for dinner.

I know I probably write more about the kids being little monsters than angels.  But the truth is, they aren’t always little monsters out to get me.  It was very easy to feel the joy of being a mom of two today.  I am going to fix today in my mind, so I don’t get all bent out of shape when they act like little monsters.

Savanna-5528 Joshua-5524


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