Baby rejecting the bottle

Savanna has been taking the bottle since the day she was born, because I knew I wouldn’t produce enough milk based on my experience with Joshua.  So it has been 2 1/2 months that she’s been breastfeeding and taking a top-up bottle at every feed.  I thought this kid doesn’t have a problem switching between the breast and the bottle.


Here I thought I’ve got this second child all figured out.  Nothing should be as difficult as having the first child, right?  Sigh.  Wrong again.

Last week, she started rejecting the bottle about half the time.  But the other half of the time, she’ll still take the bottle.  Normally she would drink about 350 ml of formula a day in total.  This went down to about 200 ml a day last week.  I figured, ok, maybe she doesn’t really need 350 ml a day.  200 ml is ok with me.  I didn’t think too much of it.  Then this week, she rejected the bottle pretty much completely.  In the beginning of the week I can still trick her to drink a little bit, so she would drink about 100 ml a day.  She was obviously hungry after breastfeeding, but just would NOT even contemplate the bottle.

This means that last night she was feeding every 1 1/2 hour.  That means I got about a total of 3.5 hours of broken up sleep all night.  That means a VERY grumpy mommy.

I have to confess, I had thoughts of throwing her on the ground at 4:30 am when she was wailing and I was exasperated.  I swore and yelled, which was very productive in increasing my blood pressure and killing some brain cells.

Today, she drank a total of 10 ml of formula.  Right now Cliff is trying to give her a bottle, and she is wailing.  This has been going on all day today, and my heart is just about to break in half.  She’s hungry, angry, wailing, kicking her little legs, but she just won’t take the bottle.

I changed the nipple to a faster flow one.  That did nothing.  I changed the bottle.  That did nothing.  I went and bought a new bottle today.  That did nothing either.

I have no point to this post, and no ask.  I am simply frustrated and worried and exhausted.  If she needs to feed every 1 1/2 hour again tonight, I might have to hang myself.


3 thoughts on “Baby rejecting the bottle

  1. Hi Angela,

    A few thoughts- her taste buds may be starting to take over. Breast milk tastes sweet (mildly) and formula is not. One mum I knew switched her formula to one that had some mild sweetness to it- I think it was Nan. Anyways, growth spurt time as well for Savanna and she does need more intake- consider solids at 4 months….

    Colic is also quite valid. Hang in there. Very emotional time with breast feeding and hormones/etc going on lumped together with no sleep….just remember- every phase passes….

    Will pray for you all! Love May

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