My interest in motorcycles started at such a young age, I couldn’t quite remember exactly what ignited it.  All I remember is my mother’s warning: If you ever ride a motorcycle, we’ll dis-own you.

In 2004, I got my motorcycle licence.  Luckily my family didn’t dis-own me.  But I’m pretty sure my mother aged 17 years all of a sudden just knowing I’m out on a bike.  I’ve done some pretty interesting rides, including the 1,000 mile in 24 hours “Iron Butt” ride, and riding all the way from Vancouver to Halifax.  All this came to halt when I became pregnant with Joshua in 2009.  I sold my BMW Dakar that spring, and that was the last time I rode a motorcycle.

The last couple of years have been busy in terms of having kids.  Every summer I looked longingly at bikes driving past me, and dreamed of the day of riding again.  For now, I have other priorities (i.e. Joshua and Savanna), so a bike is out of the question.  But I figured we can go to the bike show so I can sit on a few bikes for fun, and I would love it if the kids would become interested in riding one day too.

Joshua couldn’t say “motorcycle” yet.  He says “more-cycle”.  So on Sunday we went to the more-cycle show at Tradex.  During the whole drive to Abbosford, he was quite pumped about seeing more-cycles.

I had fun checking out the BMW F650 I love, and also sitting on the new Honda CB500.  Cliff liked the new Honda CBR500.  Joshua was very interested in pressing all the buttons on a bike, and flipping up the gas cap or key hole cover.  It was a fun experience for him, and I hope he will ride a bike one day.

Joshua-4216 Joshua-4218 motorcycle-4197 motorcycle-4209 motorcycle-4215 motorcycle-4225


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