Traveling with kids

The first time we traveled with Joshua, he was 5 months old.  We went to Hawaii for a week, followed by Taiwan for a week.  I was so nervous about the trip, I lost sleep over it.  In my mind, Joshua was still too young to travel.  I worried about everything from changing pressure bothering Joshua’s ears to how to keep his baby formula cool for such a long flight.  After the trip, I felt like I just ran two marathons in a row and deserved a medal for the accomplishment.  Since then, we have traveled with Joshua a few more times, and each time it gets a little easier with practice.

Last week was our first time taking TWO kids on a trip.  Joshua is over 2 years old, and Savanna is just 2 months old.  But this time around I was a lot less worried.  I didn’t lose any sleep over this trip, probably because I’m already exhausted from the night feedings.  Ha.  There’s the secret to not lose sleep over something–tire yourself out first.

Anyway, while we were at Disneyland, I got a lot of comments from strangers about how brave I was to travel with a 2-month-old.  It has nothing to do with being brave.  I’m just a lot more relaxed about everything this time around.  So what if Savanna had her epic blow-out poops on the flight, or Joshua missed his nap because the flight was delayed?  Oh well, life still goes on with a stinky poopy shirt and a very whiney toddler.  The fun we had on the trip as a family will be memories that will last a life time.

disney-2928 disney-2932


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