Which camera would you take?

We’re going on a family vacation for a week, and I have a choice to make.  Which camera do I bring with me?

I know, such a first world problem eh?

Most of my pictures are taken with my Canon 7D, paired with the 24-70mm lens.  I love the combination for many reasons, except for one issue–it is as heavy as a pig.  On this upcoming trip, I am mostly going to be hauling Savanna in a baby carrier with me, so carrying a heavy camera is not the best option.

I used the trip as an excuse and bought a Canon G11 (any excuse is a good excuse for a new camera, right?).  It has all the manual settings I would normally use, but it is a point-and-shoot camera in a very light package.  I do like the camera, but of course I can’t compare it to the 7D and the L lens.

I am very torn.  I love the 7D, but it’s heavy.  I also like the G11, but the quality of picture is not the same as the 7D.

Here is a comparison.  Both pictures are taken at F2.8, ISO 3200, and 1/125.

Picture taken with the 7D (DSLR).

Picture taken with the 7D (DSLR).

Picture taken with the G11 (point-and-shoot).

Picture taken with the G11 (point-and-shoot).

The picture taken with the 7D is visibly cleaner, with much less noise, and better color range.  The G11 is fine as it is a low light condition, but it is very grainy.

What would you do?  Which camera would you take on the trip?


3 thoughts on “Which camera would you take?

  1. Destination would be the decider for me. Will there be tons of wonderful scenery for taking fabulous shots or will you just be snapping the kids etc….?

    I have seen so many amazing sights in the past year and not had a decent camera to capture them (until now!) so that is my reasoning.

  2. I don’t really have an answer for you, but I did want to say that seeing the two photos taken by the same person, in the same light, and with the same settings sure makes me feel better about the quality of photos that I take with my point and shoot! 🙂

    I agree with the previous poster about the destination being a big factor. Except that I would say if you’re going to be outside a lot, then the little camera might be just fine, since there will be lots of light, and you won’t want to be carrying the big one everywhere. If it’s more of an inside vacation (e.g. visiting friends and family), then the bigger camera will do a better job and lugging it around won’t be such a big deal.

    Hope you have a great trip, and we look forward to seeing you in music for your make up class. Miles was beside himself with glee in class today!

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