The second child

Despite how relaxed I tried to be with my first baby, I was more nervous.  I followed the books and the rules.  I picked up Joshua as soon as he made a noise.  When Joshua got his first set of immunization shots, I cried in the doctor’s office.  I refused to let him sleep on his tummy because I was so freaked out about SIDS.

In contrast, with Savanna, I don’t pick her up at the first noise she makes .  I didn’t cry when she got her shots yesterday.  And sometimes I let her sleep on her tummy because she sleeps a lot better that way.

All this made me think, am I just less loving, less caring, less careful, and less of a mom for my second child?  It seems quite unfair to her.  That reminds me, I totally forgot to give her tummy time for 3 days in a row.  I would have never let that happen with Joshua!

I’d like to think that experience made me a bit more relaxed with Savanna.  I certainly cannot imagine loving her less.

I do enjoy relying on some experience when it comes to Savanna.  Even small things like setting up her room, change station, and laundry basket to have a good flow for ease of daily use come from experience.  I am not as obsessed about producing an extra ounce of milk this time.  I am not as freaked out about every little thing, and I think that makes me a more relaxed (and better) mom.  And I am pretty damn sure that missing those 3 days of tummy time is not going to stunt her growth.

So when my friends ask me how Savanna is compared to Joshua, it’s really hard to say whether she is an easier baby.  Perhaps she is an easier baby, but I do think partly it is because I am not as tense as a mom.


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